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Kristin Jibson, LMFT



I received a Bachelor's degree from The University of Utah in 2000. Following the completion of my Bachelor’s degree I took a long break to be home with my children (there should be a degree for that!). In 2013 I returned to Alliant International University to complete my graduate work, and received a Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.



I am a licensed Marriage and Family therapist, and I absolutely love what I do. I work with individuals, couples, and families.


When working with couples I generally operate from an attachment based, emotion focused approach to therapy. I completed several externships in Emotion Focused Therapy and find it to be a very effective way to create a shift in partners' interactional patterns and initiate new cycles of interaction. I have spent many years focusing on couples rebuilding their relationship after an affair. 


I also dedicate a large part of my time to working with individuals and families on the other side of the coin, who come into my office disoriented--because despite even their best efforts, the marriage they thought would last, didn't. With the ending of a marriage, the relationships that remain can become strained--filled with hard feelings, sometimes bitterness, and usually heartbreak. Strengthening families (whatever the individual or family's current circumstance) is important to me. Navigating the maze of divorce can be difficult. I have comprehensive experience working with clients making efforts to rebuild their lives, co-parent effectively, and manage their own and their children's emotions after a divorce.


When working with individuals, my true passion is walk and talk therapy. I have found walking and talking is the best way to get clients moving--both literally and figuratively! Research consistently shows that exercise can significantly impact depression, anxiety, and stress. Walking is good for both physical and mental health!



I was born and raised in Northern California. My husband, Ryan, and I currently live in the area with our seven children, ranging in age from seventeen to eight. If you're

wondering--no, I did not give birth to them all! We are a blended family. I have four children of my own and Ryan has three. Besides the daily adventure of having four teenagers in the house, we absolutely love getting out and adventuring together as a family. A few of our favorite memories include hiking down into the Grand Canyon and exploring Havasupai, rafting down the Colorado River, hiking the Narrows in Zion's National Park, and backpacking the NaPali Coast of Kauai. As for me--I enjoy all things outdoor and take any opportunity I can get to go on a bike ride, walk, or hike. On most days you can find me somewhere on the American River Trail walking with clients, or trying to stay in good enough biking shape to keep up with Ryan on our many road bike adventures.

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