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Couples Therapy

All relationships, all couples, will run into conflict at various points in time.  No relationship remains in the “honeymoon phase” indefinitely.  Perhaps the problems seem mild, but the connection has just felt “off” for quite a while.  You have felt more like roommates or business partners.  Good intentioned couples usually will cycle around and around trying to fix things on their own….never permanently repairing the dysfunction in the relationship. Perhaps you have experienced this?  Or perhaps there has been a larger event or betrayal in the relationship and you are not sure if trust and love can be restored?  Is the relationship and your love for each other redeemable?  Is it possible to feel the way you felt when you were falling in love?


If you have found us on this page it probably means that you feel there is hope for this restoration and you’re willing to give it a try.  It is also an acknowledgement that you need help and that is the right place to start.  We can help you the rest of the way.  No more circling around on your own.  We are compassionate and non-judgmental.  Utilizing the most current and effective evidenced-based therapeutic approaches we can help you move in the direction you want to go.  Don’t wait any longer.  Get help today.

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